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Real Estate Investors in Kansas City Area

If you want proof of how investing in real estate property in Kansas City, Overland Park, Lee’s Summit and other areas of our Metro is an excellent idea and that the time to do it has never been better, here it is.

I have a client, who just purchased a 4-plex unit in a great Kansas City neighborhood right by one of Kansas City’s most expensive colleges that provides an excellent tenant base. Here are some amazing numbers that support my previous statement:


Purchase Price: $220,000

25% down payment: $55,000

Amount financed: $165,0000

Monthly payment @ 4.5% 30yr fixed (incl. taxes and insurance): approximately $1085

Monthly rental Income: $3,400

Monthly Profit: $2,150


In about two years they will recover the money they used to make the down payment and if you want to look at their ROI; it is a staggering 46% for the first year. Try and match that with any other type of investment!


Sean Roque

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