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Kansas City Real Estate is HOT!!!

Why do we keep hearing in the news that homes are not selling? I have been busier that I can ever remember trying to find homes for my clients, and homes listed for less than $400,000 are selling so fast that if you wait just a few days for a showing; you could miss the boat…

Recently, while working with one of my homebuyer clients, we noticed a “coming soon” sign in the yard of a home. My client expressed interest and I called the agent to get more information on the property. My client was impressed by the look of the house as well as the information provided by the listing agent, therefore we scheduled a time to go see it the day before it came on the market; it’s a good thing we did.

We concluded our negotiations to buy the house the very first day the house was officially on the market, and the listing agent had to cancel 18 appointments with potential buyers that were scheduled to see the house during the next few days. Had we waited another day, we would have been placing competing offers for the house, which would have resulted in a higher price paid by the potential winner of the bidding process.

The moral of the story is that the “good old media“ doesn’t really know what is happening in the Kansas City area Real Estate market, and if you are waiting for the right time to purchase a home, with interest rates as low as they are now (but starting to go up); I advise you to get going while the getting is good, because the Kansas City area Real Estate market is HOT!


Sean Roque

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