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Five keys to success when buying a home in a sellers market

There is no doubt that we are in a Real Estate sellers market. Many sellers are getting multiple offers for their home, so what can you do to ensure that your offer is the one that gets accepted?  Here are five tried and true ideas: a)     Offer over asking price  Do your homework and offer […]

More snow on the way; do you know if your roof is safe?

The recent snowstorm left us with a large amount of accumulation in the roofs of our homes. Although some has melted, many roofs still have some snow, and an additional storm forecasted to arrive in the next day or two could cause the rafters to break, resulting in a roof collapse. For Kansas City area […]

Short Sale Homeowners Get a Tax Break in 2013

When Congress voted to avoid the “fiscal cliff” and extend the Bush Tax Cuts for 98% of Americans, they also included a provision that extends the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act through 2013. This is another tax break for homeowners who choose to take a Short sale approach and sell their home for less than […]