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Buying or building a new home? Hire a Buyer’s agent to represent you or be prepared to pay more for it.

I can’t begin to tell you how many people I know that have told me how they wish they would have known about the perils of buying or building a “new construction” home, and how they wished they had thought of having a Real Estate agent represent them in the negotiations. They would have saved time, grief and thousands of dollars.

Do you go to court to fight charges filed against you without having an attorney to represent you? If you do, you will probably lose.

Do you have an insurance agent help you find the best health insurance policy and save you money? Of course!

Why then would you sign a contract to have your home built with an agent whose sole purpose is to get the best possible deal for the seller? Don’t kid yourself thinking that this very nice person (and they usually are very nice people) has your best interest at heart because they don’t; they work for the seller whom they represent in transactions totaling millions of dollars.

How costly can a mistake be when buying or building a home without a Buyer’s agent? Here a good example:

  • The allowance game – A builder gives you allowances for various items like lighting, flooring, etc. The light fixtures you saw in the model home look great, but will you be able to get these types of fixtures covered by the builder’s allowance? Probably not. A buyer’s agent will help you negotiate allowances to eliminate or minimize “out of pocket” expenses, which in some cases can be in the thousands.

Buying or building a new construction home is far more complex that buying an existing one, and you should always have a Real Estate buyer’s agent to represent you and look after you best interests; that is if you want to save time, trouble and money.

For additional information about buying or building a new construction home, please contact me at 913-706-3971 or e-mail


Sean Roque

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